I gave birth to a human and spent most of the time convinced all white people were evil white supremacists. Somehow, I had lived for 23 years oblivious to the acute and painstakingly present differences of socially accepted behavior towards black people and nonblack people.

I was angry. It was easy to access this anger. Anger is perhaps the most accessible emotion, much like destruction and chaos are easily accessible energies. Within each, there exists no room for personal culpability, no room for empathy or objectivity. All is personal and all exist to victimize you, a unicorn among horses.

This highlights the danger in conceiving children. Who you are is what your child inherits: however your thoughts translate to action, however you process your emotions, whatever habits and proclivities you possess. Consciously, subconsciously, everything about you, your child inherits, meaning if you live in a state of victimhood, your child will inherit that state. It’s not even necessarily about being financially poor or rich or somewhere in the middle, though obviously ease of access to resources can positively affect a person’s life. Imagine, then, that your parents are rich but have the emotional maturity of 15-year-olds. Imagine they find something to complain about every day. Imagine they rarely received affection as children and because they haven’t matured enough to consider the entirety of their lives as connected to their parents lives, their grandparents lives, all the way back to whoever started this all, and how their behavior towards you will affect future generations, they rarely show you affection.

Now imagine your parents are poor.

Imagine how much an individual could accomplish with a plan, a focus, a purpose, God-given in his or her eyes or self-determined. And then the plan expands to a couple. Then to a family. Then to a network of families. Then to a town. Then to a city. Then to a network of cities. Then to a country. Then to a network of countries. Then to a continent. Then to a network of continents. Then to the globe. And that first individual wouldn’t exist without her network of cells, her network of organs, her network of nerves, of veins, of muscles, of bones.

The history of antiblackness in this country is undeniable. Worldwide, this statement also seems to hold. And, it is true that black people, individually and collectively, have sought to rise above the sadistic torture inflicted, only to be met with white people and their bombs, white people and their guns, white people and their fire, white people and their noose. Remember: anger is perhaps the most accessible emotion.

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